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Pacific Dry Ice
Pacific Dry Ice
Atlantic Dry Ice

Dry Ice Products

Dry Ice has many forms, such as high density dry ice pellets, BioCut, slabs and blocks, and standard dry ice pellets.

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Dry ice is a versatile cleaning method that has a number of commercial and consumer uses.

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reusable Gel Pack

Kodiak Brand reusable gel packs are excellent for shipping perishables, providing portable, concentrated cold lasting longer than ice.

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Dry ice blasting uses non-toxic, non-hazardous, high-density dry ice pellets in a high-velocity airflow to blast away unwanted surface materials.

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Reliant Group has branched out into multiple different companies that are able to supply carbon dioxide in many forms and fashions. We can provide service in many different states across the United States and Mexico. Our main product lines include bulk food and medical grade carbon dioxide, restaurant and convenience store mini-bulk carbon dioxide, oilfield grade carbon dioxide for oilfield markets, as well as dry ice.

Quality and service

It was in 2005 that Reliant acquired a half interest in Pacific Dry Ice which allows for a more complete service coverage. This service area now includes the southwestern states and all the west coast states.

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